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Casino Fun Hire For Your Party

St James Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4AX, United Kingdom

Casino Fun Hire For Your Party

Casino Hire for Corporate Events, Weddings and Private Parties


(£350 Based on Any 2 Casino tables for 3 hours of fun gaming with 2 professional croupiers)

10% discount for all returning customers

All of our Tables are genuine full size professional Casino Tables and are all in immaculate first class condition. 

We are fully insured and have £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance


Genuine full size Blackjack table - 5ft long on the dealers side and shaped in a semi circle with the widest point been 3ft

Card shoe and 6 decs of cards.

Casino cash chips values of £5 £10 £20 £25 £100 and £500

Boxes for up to 8 players.

Blackjack is played against the dealer. Each player receives 2 cards and the dealer one card.

From left to right, the players then have the opportunity to take more cards (draw) or stick with what they've got (stand) in an attempt to make a total to beat the dealers hand.

If the cards total 22 or more you lose.

Each card counts at face value with Jacks, Queens and Kings counting as 10. Aces count as 1 or 11.

The best possible hand is a 'Blackjack' which is any ten or face card with an Ace.

When all players have finished playing their hand, the dealer then takes cards to finish his hand.

If the dealers total is 16 or less he must draw another card. If the dealers total is 17 or more he stands.

If the players total is higher than the dealers total without going over 21 they win at Even money.

If the players total is the same as the dealer its a draw and you keep your stake.

If the player gets Blackjack they get paid at 3-2.